Son of Zeus

1992 Electronic Zoo

Platform: Commodore Amiga

Son of Zeus was set within the mythical era of the Greek gods, where an evil being has captured the gods within their lair and smashed the artefact that could save them into several pieces. Scattered around the kingdom, it is up to Zeus’ son Herakles to gather all the pieces.


Shown throughout the press at the time, the striking thing about the game are the graphics, and just how huge they are, with what seems to be quite impressive animation. You must encounter Hydras, Gorgons and all kinds of other mythical creatures in your quest to save the gods.

The game was described as a mixture of arcade and RPG action, a sort of cross between Corporation and Dungeon Master. In April 1992, Amiga Action magazine released a demo of the game, so thankfully you can check out the game for itself. Amiga GTW has more details regarding the demo over on its page at

Amiga GTW have also been provided some extra graphics from artist Brian van de Peer from the title. Brian doesn’t give a reason for the game not being released, but just suggests contacting the programmer to find out why. Apparently the game was very almost complete.

It seems that after things fell through with Electronic Zoo, the game may have been passed over and signed up by Thalamus. See the scans for a newsletter snippet from Thalamus, which suggests they signed it up. Was it the same game? They mention that it was being done by a team in Kent – was programmer “Mick Tinker” based in Kent?

With thanks to Karl Kuras for the heads up, Adrian Simpson for additional info, David Jorge for the Thalamus newsletter scan, Stephen (Mort) Stuttard for the hi-res scans and Ross Sillifant for the additional scans.


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