The Killing Tool

1996 Dynabyte

Platform: Sony PlayStation

The Killing Tool was to be a cyberpunk platformer created by Dynabyte Software back in 1996 for the Sony PlayStation and possibly other platforms too.


Thanks to The Genesis Temple and gaming historian Damiano Gerli, we learn that Marco Caprelli and Paolo Costabel had started planning the game, and arranged for artists Alessandro “Talexi” Taini and Bjorn Giordano to create a portfolio/design pitch to send to Sony UK. The plan was to get in touch again after the summer to see if they were interested in the game.

However, when the two artists showed up at the Dynabyte offices to progress plans further, they found that the company had closed its doors. Undeterred, both artists got on a plane to London and visited Sony UK. Martin Alltime (then producer for Sony EU) told the artists he had been trying to get in touch for weeks, as they were interested. Unfortunately they had now lost their opportunity.

The team went round a few development teams (including Psygnosis) to try and drum up interest. However, most teams were already busy and had no resource to develop a 3D engine as well. In the end the game was put to rest, without any development work getting off the ground.

You can read more and details about Dynabyte Software in Damiano’s excellent article at the Genesis Temple. Damiano got in touch with Games That Weren’t, as when talking about The Killing Tool, he was kindly provided with a series of assets relating to the pitch. So here they are below.

With thanks to Damiano Gerli for the information and assets, and Bjorn Giordano and Alessandro “Talexi” Taini for allowing us to add the assets to the site.


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