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Andrew Morris has been allowing us to preserve some of his disks to show incomplete/unused materials to the world, and recently we have discovered the assets to the likes of Kikstart 2 and Cosmic Causeway and various others.

This is a recent update to the post I did previously on just Kikstart 2 and Cosmic Causeway assets to expand and include more recent findings. Some will have been commercially used, but there are a few bits and pieces to check out.

kik2-titleThis uncovered most of what we got to see in both games, but if you look carefully – you’ll discover some unused bits and pieces. In Kikstart 2 for instance, you’ll notice an unused set of trucks not in the final game, and also some minor differences in other graphical elements (including an unused variation of the grass ramp with a inner curve). I think the trees are slightly different too. The loading screen seems the same – but you’ll notice its missing the “Construction set” text and slightly different sized credits.

Within Cosmic Causeway was a mock-up of the title screen when the game was actually named Trailblazer 2. There is a panel test, which is different to the final version used. I think there are a few sets of sprites which were not used in the final game also. Recently we found an executable version of the game which has that alternate title in! Check out the link here for it:

Trailblazer 2 game

We get to see bits of Super Scramble Simulator as it was being developed originally with the codename of Kikstart 3, and then labelled in a screen as Motorcross Simulator. There may be a few bits of scenary that never made the final cut.

Bundled in are a number of loading screens too that were found – many of which were used, but there is a variation on Rollaround, when it was known as ISO. There is an unused loading screen for both Otherworld and Speed Sprinter, but also possibly some unused bits for Americana and also Alternative Soft’s triple packs.

The disks can be downloaded below with the assets on – many of which include the ability of loading up relevant charsets/sprites and a demo file to show them animating. Andrew’s way of showing his work and how he expected it to look/feel (no doubt for Shaun Southern to work from).

Download assets

Assets download

Gallery of assets

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  1. am67.d64: there’s an unused Americana logo both for C16 and C64 thought to be used in Dizasterblaster, a copy of Graphics Master the chareditor by Mr. Chip Software, and the logo for the C16 game Xadium.

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