Turbo Charge

1991 System 3

Platform: Commodore Amiga

Once known as Borderline during its early development, Turbo Charge was inspired by the driving section that featured within Vendetta, an earlier game by System 3.


The game was released on the Commodore 64 in late 1991 to much acclaim, making up for the terrible conversion of Chase HQ from Ocean. You see, this was very much heavily inspired by Chase HQ, where you had to hunt down criminals across a number of stages.

As well as a C64 edition though, an Amiga version was also on the cards and to follow that release. It got pretty damn far too by the looks of the many screenshots that would feature in the press at the time.

According to one magazine source, the game was being developed by Mark Rochoter, who was aiming to add larger roadside objects, dips and curves compared to the C64 game.

Some of the magazines suggest that the road routine was running very fast and System 3 were claiming that it was going to be the greatest racing game on the Amiga. So what happened after so much promise?

According to Amiga Power magazine, after many months of work – although the game was running quite fast, System 3 were not happy. They felt it wasn’t good enough and weren’t prepared to rewrite it from scratch. Perhaps the release of Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 blew the game out of the water and made them reconsider?

It would be very interesting to see just how well it was shaping up and compared to the C64 edition that many of us love so much. Hopefully we’ll be able to track down Mark and he can shed some light, perhaps even share something of the development.

With thanks to Karl Kuras for the suggestion, Hall of Light for some of the scans and Stephen Stuttard for the rest of the scans.


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