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Although the main purpose of Games That Weren’t is to preserve unreleased games, we occasionally try and share preservation efforts of ones which were actually released, but were extremely rare and yet to be preserved. Today we share preservation of a set of very rare Commodore Vic-20 games thanks to Vincent Procaccini.

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Vincent got in touch with GTW, as he was trying to find out more about an obscure set of Commodore Vic 20 games in his possession by Super Productions Software.

The only thing he could find out about the company was that they had the same address as “Album Globe Distribution”. So it seemed to be a company just trying to get in on the whole video game craze at the time, which I think K-Tel also did at one stage too with their double packs.

Vincent had games by the company, all of which were dated from around 1982 and possibly sold together as a bundle. He had thankfully made audio recordings of the tapes to preserve them and has kindly passed on copies to GTW to add to the site.

One of the files (Kamikaze) would not compile into a TAP image correctly, but after a bit of messing around with AudioTap, we’ve managed to get it working. So here they all are:

Emerald Pirates


Download Emerald Pirates



Download Kamikaze



Download Snatch



Download Zapper

The games overall are quite simple and very early releases, but it is great to see yet more Vic-20 software preserved (a machine very close to my heart), and we say a massive thank you to Vincent Procaccini for saving them from complete deterioration.

Vincent made some additional scans which can be found here:



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