Super Skweek

1991 Loriciel

Platform: PC (DOS)

A short entry for now for a PC conversion of the Amstrad CPC, Amiga, Atari ST and Atari Lynx puzzler sequel. Highlighted to GTW by contributor EAD.

Plans for the PC seem to be on very solid grounding, as the manuals feature loading instructions for that version of the game, and the original was released for DOS just over a year before. However, it seems to have never surfaced.

So what happened to it? Was there some kind of development issue with the team working on the game? Or was it released, but simply in very limited numbers?

Certainly Loriciel were not dropping support for the DOS platform, what with a number of other titles coming out for the platform during the same and subsequent years.

We hope to learn more from ex-members of Loriciel to find out what happened and maybe even see if something can be found and preserved of the conversion.

If you know anything more about the conversion, please do get in touch. With thanks to EAD for the heads up about the conversion.


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