1999 Aftertaste Productions

Platform: Commodore Amiga

Abducted was an adventure game in the style of the Monkey Island games, and was previewed in magazines such as Amiga Computer Studio and Amiga Fever back in 1999 and during a time when games were really drying up for the platform.


The game was set in 1734, in a small village called Pomperville. The lead character is Slugbert Cramfish, who is walking around the house when a UFO appears in the sky. He is then abducted by aliens and spends the next 10 years in outer space.

When he returns to the village to see his family, things have changed and people are frightened. Slugberg discovers that a vicious, evil, tyrannical character called Vassago has taken over the city. A human being poccessed by a demon, and who happens to be Slugbert’s own father. The rest of his family have been turned into stone statues in Vassago’s castle. You (as Slugberg) must save your family and village from this demon.


At the time, and according to this old archived page, Aftertaste Productions were working hard on the game, but had no publisher. The screenshots showed plenty of promise, but it seems that maybe the lack of a confirmed publisher and demise of the Amiga would put this game to rest.

So how far did the game get, and was there much to be completed? The main person at Aftertaste was Tobias Andersson (now Tobias Arréhn) who was most certainly the person behind the title, and we hope to get hold of them soon to learn more (and possibly even see something of the game!). If you know anything more in the meantime, please do get in touch.

With thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz for flagging up the title, Anonymous for the contributions, Amiga Future for the screenshots and archive.org for scans.


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