Walker unused assets

A very short post to flag up some unused assets that were intended for the Psygnosis classic – Walker,  thanks to Karl Kuras for highlighting.

Tucked away in a Work In Progress feature within The One magazine (issue 47), screens are shown from the upcoming game that we all know and love. However, a number of screens show scenes where you actually leave the Walker cockpit and descend underground into the enemies’ secret base.


You would go down a lift shaft, into a platforming level with lots of running, jumping, shooting and collecting ammo, extras and so on. The One magazine was told that you had to destroy the underground installation by placing three timebombs in pre-specified locations which are weak points in the installation’s structure.

You have a computer on hand to help you do this, and can log onto the computer at different points to bring up a map to show your current position and where the weak points are to bomb. Once the bombs are placed, you have to get out before everything blows out.

It seems that this may have been a planned feature to have at the end of each zone, but was dropped due to not being up to scratch.

We wonder now if anything has potentially survived after all this time of those platform scenes, as it would be great to see them in action. If you know anything more about them or have any further scans, please let us know.


Additionally, we’ve added some other early screens from the game which were uncovered by Grzegorz Antosiewicz on this forum thread about the platform scenes.

Psygnosis’ Mike Clarke also spoke about the platform levels within a podcast interview done with Arcade Attack back in 2020: https://www.arcadeattack.co.uk/podcast-march-4-2020/

With thanks to Karl Kuras (highlighting) ,Grzegorz Antosiewicz (screens), Mike Clarke and Stephen Stuttard (scans).


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