Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

1999 Tiger Electronics


You will have likely seen news in October 2022 of the new discovery of a port of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for the failed Tiger platform courtesy of Time Extension and Hidden Palace.

castlevania gc attack large

Webmaster of The End of, Brandon Cobb got in touch not long afterwards to provide some screenshots and pieces to add an entry into the GTW archives and with the request to help spread the word of this amazing finding.

The conversion was believed to never got further than just some mock up screenshots and was advertised in various catalogues. In 2019, Brandon received a cartridge with a prototype of the game on. Unfortunately it did nothing at the time, but as revealed by Time Extension, the cartridge was sent to Osman Celimli and resurrected.

Here you can see a video of Brandon checking out the prototype:

The port isn’t great, but it is a very significant finding for Castlevania fans, and follows on from 2021’s finding of Castlevania: Resurrection on the Dreamcast.

At the moment, little else is known about the development – but it is hoped that more will be learnt in the future about what happened and if the game ever got any further than the prototype here.

castlevania gc tribute large

Thankfully you can now download the prototype for yourself, and the link can be found below thanks to Hidden Palace who released the game as part of their Halloween 2022 update.

With thanks to Brandon Cobb for the info and images.


Hidden Palace link to download.


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