Ninja Quest

1992 Gremlin

Platform: Commodore Amiga, Atari ST

A short entry for a title that was due to be a Ninja-themed version of Hero Quest, building upon the successful Gremlin adaptation of the board game.

Mentioned in the news pages of The One magazine in June 1992 very briefly, nothing more was seen or heard of the supposed development.

It’s early days, but possibly the board game creators didn’t agree with Gremlin’s proposal and it was put to rest. However, Amiga Power issue 18 later reported that the game had been delayed to “sometime next year”, along with a few others.

Was anything ever started? It sounds like it, so how far did it get and why was it canned in the end? If you know anything more about this potential development, then please do get in touch.

With thanks to Karl Kuras for the suggestion and Amiga Magazine Rack and for the scans.


2 Responses to Ninja Quest

  1. I’m assuming the platformer Pandemonium mentioned in the AP entry isn’t related to the Crystal Dynamics Playstation 3D platformer of the same name? Note that Litil Divil and Captive II didn’t happen until 1994, and Daemonsgate, Wayne’s World and LA Law were only ever released for the PC. Quite a failure rate for one page…

    • You never know – it could be. I think RG did a feature on Pandemonium – I’ll have to dig it out to see where its beginnings were based. Seems like many could have just been rumourmill titles too.

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