1984 Christopher Hester

Platform: ZX Spectrum 48k

Can you help Harry complete the five screens and escape? He must clear up the potions whilst avoiding the nasties, in order to gather strength for the next screen and to be able to survive long enough to get to the door out.

harry shot1

Well, that was the introduction set out by creator Chris Hester back in 1984, when building up ideas for a new game in his ideas book for the ZX Spectrum. Heavily inspired by Manic Miner, Chris set to work putting together his design, printing off screens using his thermal printer.

It is believed that code was started, though nothing really got off the ground and the game remained just ideas within a book. These were later dug out and scanned in, and Chris was able to share his unused design with GTW.

You can see all of the 5 screens that Chris had planned, along with even the music that would be played when you completed all of them.

It is hoped that Chris can find a full colour screenshot of the game in action, though code wise it is doubtful that anything exists today. Chris believes it only ever made it to a mock up stage and wasn’t ever playable. Perhaps someone could have a go at piecing this together?

With thanks to Chris Hester for sharing scans from his ideas book.


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