Hexuma 2: Dawn of the Cave World

1993 Software 2000

Platform: Commodore Amiga

A short entry for a graphic text adventure sequel for the Commodore Amiga, and due for release by Software 2000 in 1993.

Hexuma: Das Auge Des Kal was released to some positive reviews, and already by the time of its release – a sequel was already in the works according to the press – with Harald Evers busy working on it.

According to Aktueller Software Markt, the game was being developed in secrecy, though was revealed to be set within a subterranean world so big that you can fly around it on a dragon’s back.

Not much else is known at this stage, but it would have likely been developed by the same team as the first – with code by Andreas Niedermeier and Thomas Kometer, artwork by André Litschke and The Pixlers Studio, and finally music by Chris Hülsbeck.

Was it ever started? And if so, why was it never finished and released in the end? Many questions left to answer and hopefully we will get answers for soon. If you know anything more about this development, please do get in touch.

With thanks to Karl Kuras for highlighting and archive.org for the scans.


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