Basketball Kid

1993 Krisalis Software

Platforms: Various

A very short entry for now and for a potential sequel to Soccer Kid, a platformer game where you control a kid with a football who can perform a series of special moves to defeat enemies and progress through the game.

It was a successful title that saw conversion to a number of platforms, including SNES, Playstation and many more. The game had built upon the engine that had been created for Arabian Nights.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the popularity would seemingly get Krisalis Software thinking about a potential sequel. According to CU Amiga magazine in November 1993, it would be with a different protagonist and a different sport theme – Basketball!

The details were very sketchy, so its not clear if anything was ever started or if it was merely an idea left on the drawing board. Intriguingly around the same time, Domark released a very similar game called Marko’s Magic Football, and CU Amiga suggested they were rumored to be doing a Basketball themed game too (something which Tony West confirmed as not true).

Was anything ever started or was this title merely vapourware? If you know anything more – please do get in touch.

With thanks to Karl Kuras for flagging up, Tony West for the Domark confirmation and for the scan.


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