9 Lives Of Fritz The Cat

Crystal Software

Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

A very short entry for now for a game that was one of many that never quite made it from Crystal Software back in the later end of the 90’s.

This game was an adventure game (We assume text adventure) about a cat called Fritz. It apparently was based on a comic book character by Robert Crumb. The 9 Lives of Fritz the Cat was an unauthorized sequel to the original Ralph Bakshi animated movie.

We know little more about the game, but ex-CEO Alex de Vries of Crystal Software had the following to say which explains why all of these titles never made it:

“I used to be the CEO of Crystal Software back when it was developing and publishing games for the C64 and Amiga platforms before making the transition to PC only. The Legend of Kyril was actually an Austrian project we signed up as a last effort to see if we could sell decent volume on the C64 if the quality was there for the title. Our involvement was purely in sales and marketing and we were never involved in the creative side of things. I wish I could remember the names of the developers but it’s just too long ago.

Code exists for some but I have moved halfway across the world since those days so I don’t know whether anything survived. I don’t have a copy anymore in any case.

We packed it in after 1996 and cancelled all projects for the C64 in Q1 1997. Titles we did (re-)publish were McRat, The Zinj Complex, Target, It’s Magic, Colorzone, Riddles and Stones and a few others. Not the greatest stuff but it was fun while it lasted.”

Then we found these snippets of info about the game in two fanzines. Commodore Bi Monthly said:

“A platform jump and run game with several characters from the classic cartoon. 9 lives make sure that you’ll be hooked throughout 9 worlds and won’t abandon your joystick. The main character has been drawn by the infamous Martin Speelman. Available late August 1997 if the project is to be continued at all.”

Then Zine 64 (Issue 9) reported:

“It is questionable whether this game will be released or not due to copyright reasons (the game bears a striking resemblance to the classic cartoon… We’ll keep you posted.”

Do you know any more about this game?…

Contributions: Alex de Vries, Jari

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  1. A friend of mine had this game, and he introduced me to it. I LOVED it! It was an “adult themed” RPG game, where Fritz the Cat would go out and have sex, but you had to make sure he purchased a condom or he would get an STD. LOL! And on his drinking binges, you had to make sure he didn’t over do it. There was a lot to the game, as Fritz, would always be getting into something. Wish it was still available for the PC, or other game platforms.

    • Hi Sheryl, got your comments through and sorry to hear you had a bit of trouble with the Captcha form. I have never seen anything online of the game on other platforms, but hopefully some day it will turn up.

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