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Already GTW pays host to a number of Ultimate games which never saw the light of day, and we bring yet another title which seems to have been considered for the C64 at somepoint. Here is the code

Where we had Lunar Jetman being done by Martin Galway, we also had Atic Atac being developed by Stuart Fotheringham and possibly Marc Dawson.

Upon discovery of the Megatree disks by Retro Gamer magazine, there was found to be a rather interesting file called Atic, which turned out to be a charset of all the game’s graphics.

When questioned, Stuart recalled that they ported the graphics but could not remember anything about a conversion.

It is therefore possible that ideas were put down to convert the game to the C64, and the charset was ported down as a result. We need to find out more, but there could be some code out there. We just need to find someone who knows more than we do about this.

A lot more research needed, but check out the charset…

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