720 Degrees USA V1


Status: Preview, Findability: 5/5

A big thanks to Martin / Stadium 64 (http://s64.emuunlim.com/) for highlighting this interesting entry.

720 degrees was released in the UK by US Gold, and also in the USA by Mindscape a year later. Two completely different versions.

However the US version of the game has got a rather different looking preview floating around the internet at the moment, featuring a completely different looking character with no hi-res overlay like the released US version and different display panels and different graphic schemes throughout.

We’re not quite sure how this version has sneaked out, but it seems like someone in Melbourne House was quite keen on leaking early versions of games (See what happened to Inspector Gadget V1).

The game itself is not much different, but it’s interesting to see how different the game was once looking. Certainly it looks better in the final release than it does here.

As the game was eventually released, there is nothing to search for, so the game is merely added into the archives for posterity and to highlight a cool early version of a game with significant differences. This was the US version of 720 that never was – well, quite like this anyway!

A big thanks to Martin / Stadium 64 again for highlighting the game and the V1 screenshots/download. Also to Gamebase 64 for the actual released game shot.

Open and closed case…

Contributions: Martin/Stadium 64

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