Hagar The Horrible


Status: Full Game, Findability: 4/5

Also known as: Hagar The Horrible (UK version)

Fully titled “Hagar The Horrible”, the conversion of the popular comic strip character was pretty well done on the C64. Sure, it wasn’t the best ever platformer on the C64, but a good reasonable effort and a playable one at that.

You had to control Hagar over a series of levels over different islands in some classic platform action. Graphics were fairly standard, and the sounds were ok, but the game played well and deserved the reasonable grades it recieved.

Sadly, Hagar was never to make it to UK shores as planned.. Even though the game was publicised in the UK, got reviewed and even had a demo put on Commodore Format’s Powerpack, the UK never saw the game in the shops.

It seems that sadly the UK distribution fell through, and so it only got released in other european countries. Floating around the net was the foreign version, but no UK version.

That was until Rasmus recently released *everything* there was of Hagar The Horrible, including the previously unseen English version, discovered originally for Gamebase 64.

So the game was finally found, but sadly never quite saw the UK release that it deserved, a shame really…

Case closed…maybe more from Rasmus soon on this game…

Contributions: Gamebase 64

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