Fly Harder


Status: Full Game, Findability: 4/5

"Fly Harder" is a graphically superb Thrust clone. Gorgeous screenshots were plastered in C-Format and C-Force and got many excited about its release.

Even though it was based on Thrust, it was closer to the NES classic “Solar Jetman”. With its amazing graphics, introduction screens, music (By the same guy who did X-Out) and playability.

This wonderful game was fully finished, but It ran into problems of distributing it over here and eventually never made it here in the UK and a few other countries. This would have contributed well to one of the best c64 games.

If you are very very lucky, you might find an original from overseas or you can simply download the full version of it right here.

Case closed…

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  1. I remember reading this entry in the pages of Commodore Zone. A couple of years later I started my venture of buying C64 games off of eBay. Mars Saga was the absolute first game I bought, and I had to buy it twice since the first copy were sealed. Anyway, I got very, very lucky and I do have a boxed copy of Fly Harder in my collection.

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