Bmx Stunts


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Ok, a bit of a gap here with this one at present, but another title in the archive to be preserved at least as a memory for the time being.

This is another game for Mastertronic which had graphics by Haydn Dalton. We assume this was a follow on from the dire original game that had come out a number of years earlier. Possibly one of the Darlings were having an update done for Mastertronic? We are not sure.

GTW is touch with Haydn, so we hope to clear up this game a little bit more and find out some more. Haydn sadly does not have any disks these days, and chances of another “Solar Jetman” are remote. We need to identify the coder in a last ditch
effort to find more of this game.

Much more research needed for this one…

Contributions: Haydn Dalton

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