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Accilatem was an early attempt at an RPG created by a 15 year old LDX#40 in 1989 whilst operating under the handle of “Noggie” at the time.  It is also “Metalicca” spelt backwards too :-)

Sadly the project was never finished, but 32 years later the disk with the final remains of the game was preserved and made available for people to check out for themselves.

The game is a bit fiddly to load, so you will need to read the notes text file within the archive for details on how to get it working.

LDX#40 got in touch to confirm that it was not considered for commercial release, and was making it up as they went along back in the day.  Check out the “Creators Speaks” section where he talks more about the development.

Contributions: Jazzcat, LDX#40

Supporting content

Available downloads

Creator speaks

I was rummaging around my brain to see if I could remember some other details about the game.

I was definitely NOT thinking about releasing it commercially, that’s for sure. Maybe I should have :)

The whole thing was approached in the “make it up as you go along” way – I didn’t really have a story or proper game mechanic figured out. I would say it was more of what you would call an “agile” approach to coding today ;) – build a minimal working version and expand from there.

My coding skills (especially in 6502 assembly) were not that great back then, so I guess even if I had continued working on it, I would most likely have failed to complete it.

Oh, and the monster on the title screen was stolen from “Druid 2” and recolored :)

Update history

25/06/21 – Details from author about the game.

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