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Our next entry was flagged up by Gamebase64, as we’re not actually sure if the game ever saw a full release or not. Maybe you can help us?

The game has been within the digital archives since its supposed release in 1989 by Players Premier, but there seems to be no trace of a released copy or inlay at all. So was it ever released or did something happen to prevent its release? Maybe it was cracked like with Plotting before its release?

Warren Pilkington spotted that the game did see a release of sorts in Italy under the name of “Speedy“. There was quite a big thing with games being pirated and renamed in Italy, and this is indeed another. Question is whether it was from a leaked copy or from a commercial Players release of Roadburner.

It is certainly a strange one, as the game is pretty good for a budget title and reasonably playable. Check it out for now, but if you know more or have a proper copy – please let us know!

Contributions: Michael/Gamebase64, Warren Pilkington

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27/09/21 – Updated details about an Italian release.

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    • Thanks Warren – so they either must have got a leaked copy from somewhere, or there was some kind of limited release by Players that is yet to be discovered. There was quite a bit Italian pirating scene where they took certain releases and just changed the titles. Just updated the page, so thanks for that :)

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