Alladin’s Cave

Artic Computing

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

When Keith Purkiss got in touch to confirm that he was the developer of Apprentice for Rainbow Arts, he also revealed that he had been involved on a Commodore 64 conversion of Artic Computing’s Alladin’s Cave.

This was a single screen arcade platformer, similar in ways to Manic Miner and also Tales of the Arabian Nights. Ironic really, as Keith’s team also worked on the Spectrum and CPC versions of that game for Interceptor.

This could well be the reason why the game never saw release. Interceptor had complained to Artic that it was a lot like Tales of the Arabian Nights at the time.

Keith cannot 100% recall, but believes that they had converted the Spectrum graphics and code across, so it was essentially a Spectrum port. David Williams seems to be a possibility.

Sadly Keith no longer has a copy of the game, so the hope now sits with David Williams being found and still having a copy.

Do you know anything more about this conversion?

Contributions: Keith Purkiss

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