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Amok is the beginnings of what could have been a rather nice looking Space SEU. Quite simply we have a tech-demo preview of Amok, showing off graphics and some music. The game is playable, but only to the point of controlling your ship over a repeated background.

It seemed that interest was lost in the game very early, and would be hard to find anything more advanced. There is no real indication of how the game would have played, so it can’t be commented on, only that it looks good.

Gaz Spence via the comments confirmed that the game was created by members of the Amok demo group back in 1989 and has given some full credit details. The coder is still active in the scene as Scrap, and is part of Genesis Project. The music is not exclusive to the game, but Jesper Olsen was part of Amok when the game was produced.

The developer Oliver Malms got in touch via the comments to confirm that the game never got any further than this demo. Interest was indeed lost in the game and Oliver basically just didn’t have the time to continue.

Therefore, this is very much a case closed!

Contributions: Gaz Spence, Oliver Malms

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  1. another youthfull sin… There was never any further development, this is all… lost interest in it and also didn‘t have the time anymore… Nice to see that old stuff popping up here after all those years…

  2. This preview was developed by members of the Amok demo group in 1989. The full name of the coder is Oliver Malms and in fact he is still active in the scene as Scrap and is currently part of Genesis Project. The music is not exclusive to the game but Jesper Olsen was also part of Amok when this demo was produced.

    The demo is a very early build with just a moveable sprite and parallax scrolling. It’s unlikely that anything more was done but you never know.

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