Ancient Warriors

Ken Kalish

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Ancient Warriors was a game by the famous CoCo game developer, Ken Kalish, who produced many a famous game on the machine and shunned the likes of the C64 due to the coding environment he was comfortable with.

It is unknown exactly what the game was about, but it is believed that the game was actually completed. However Ken never pursued getting the game published as he felt the market was falling apart at the time and left it unreleased.

Ken was interviewed on many moons ago, and sadly the email seems to be no longer valid. Any chance of trying to find Ancient Warriors could well be lost now, and we have a feeling that Ken has previously mentioned that he no longer had the disks for the game.

Still, this will be worth pursuing more to see if we can find it… confirmation first from the author I think!…

Contributions: Fabrizio Bartoloni

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