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Intriguing title for our next GTW comes in the form of Asylum. From a feature on a show in Your Commodore magazine, the game was described in more detail as a top view three player interactive heavy metal fantasy action adventure coin-op (A bit of a mouthful!!). A bit more research and we discover that it was an arcade conversion of a Leyland coin-op in 1991.
The game looks a lot like a 3 player gauntlet game with heavy metal band running around doing stuff. You play as characters Rip, Rak or Rol and throw weapons and weird enemies in the asylum, collect power-ups and defeat bosses to advance levels (Quoted from Wikipedia).

We originally believed that this may have been part of a trilogy done by the guys who did Bloodwych and the unreleased Legend for Mirrorsoft/Imageworks. However we now know it isn’t quite the case and actually Storm could well have been involved on the game. Storm is still strongly linked to another Leyland game Brute Force from several magazines of the time, although some ex-developers from Storm have said that they never had the licence to the game. But possibly management did have plans of some sort to convert the two Leyland games.

We need more confirmation from various parties on our findings so far, but hopefully this won’t take too long. We need to establish what this game was more about, and how far it ever got before cancellation.

How far did this game get?… Was it ever even started?…. Certainly the C64 was more than capable of this game, so what happened??…

More information needed…

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