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Achim Volkers has been a saviour for C64 fans in recent years, thanks to production of various superb games such as Vice Squad and Space Trip.

Unfortunately, even in these post-commercial days – along the way there are always casualties with various ideas that do not quite go to plan. Atlantian was one such game, which was an impressive looking IK+/Barbarian clone set in ancient Rome.

This was the first game where Achim had double buffering and had to unpack sprite animations in real time. Development took too long for Achim, and he started to get disillusioned with the game. He decided to cancel the project and release what was developed into the wild. The intro is to be re-used for another project.

Thanks to Achim, we have been given the preview to add to the archives, so you can take a look at what might have been. A shame it was not to get much further.

Contributions: Achim Volkers, Jazzcat

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  1. Looked very promising and i was really disappointed when i heard that the game most likely will not be finished. I hoped for a great fighting game in the tradition of the “Exploding Fist” and “International Karate” series of games.

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