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Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

What we have here is a slick looking Pong style game with bitmap backgrounds, very much like a X-Ample style of game. Stated as coming soon with a wide range of features and additions, B-Ball never did quite make it sadly.

The game has a few twists to the standard Pong theme it seems – where you must try and score extra points by hitting a randomly placed block before your opposition does. The game at this stage seems to have some basic AI and a good chunk of the game does indeed seem to be present. Just things like titles are missing really.

So was this game victim to the dying C64 market, or did the developers have real life get in their way? In 2019, Genesis Project recovered and released the full game – so here it is now (including a new preview) and very much a case closed. Hedning confirms that the game was never sold and it was recovered from development disks.

Case closed!

Contributions: Hedning

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24/02/19 – Full game recovered and released!

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