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Ball-Job (great name!) is a simple, but well polished puzzler where you have to copy the pattern on the right window by expanding balls to match.

When you place balls next to another, it causes expansion of those around – so this is where the logical element comes into play.

Thanks to contributor Jan Schulze, its been highlighted that this game is a clone of Toyballs, which was done by a different team. Was this perhaps some kind of unofficial sequel?

It is yet another title that we are not sure about its release status, with suggestions again that it was due for release via CP Verlag. Do you know anything more about it?

Contributions: Jan Schulze

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24/03/22 – Link to another game called Toyballs, thanks to contributor Jan Schulze

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  1. Maybe Ball-Job was planned as a sequel to Toyballs which was released by CP Verlag a year earlier. It has the same game mechanics and looks similar. Toyballs was made by a different team though (Double Density).

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