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A nice old preview, which very much reminds me of the classic "Shadow Of The Beast".

Featuring some nice graphics, with parallax scrolling features, the game has the standard building blocks of a good game. The only problem seems to be the small playing area visible to the gamer.

Doug Roberts informs GTW that this game started out as an attempt to re-create a scrolling foreground over a static background, with no real intention of making a game. However, as things progressed a game started to evolve. It never got further than this though, though Doug mentions that there could be some graphics unused lying around somewhere which he hopes to find.

Plans even at one stage were to use it as a demo part selector, where an entered door would load a particular demo part up. However, it never materialized.

Richard (Deek) Rinn was the only person to have a copy of the demo, which is how it has managed to sneak out. Doug was surprised to find his game on the web, and mentions that "Beast" was not the game’s name. Infact, no name was ever given really… so its a working name.

Deek provides some spot sfx, which neatly accompany the preview. The game is not too playable, with control over the main character seemingly the only option. You can’t enter any doors or new locations. The outside world seems the only area present in this game.

Promising "Shadow Of The Beast" clone that never got far enough…

Case closed…

Contributions: Doug Roberts

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Creator speaks

Doug Roberts speaks to GTW about 'Beast'...

"Just wanted to give you some background/info about my little 'Beast-Preview' from way back in 1991!

From what I remember this started life as an attempt to re-create a scolling foreground over a static background. There was no real intention to create a game or anything at that stage. But as always
one things leads to another and projects tended to take a rather unplanned route.

At one stage there I'd imagined using for a multi-load demo - where each part was behind a different door...

As such this preview is about as far as things got. There hand't been any thougts about the "game" itself or any gameplay aspects, and even the graphics are just rough and ready "test" chars/sprites.

It's interesting to note that this preview was only sent to Deek (Richard Rinn) who did the music/sound, along with the implicit instruction not to spread! So it's hardly a surprise to see the
Genesis Project intro on the front! I have no idea where they got the name "Beauty and the Beast" from!

Incidently, some of the graphics used for the score panel were part of an unfinished (yes, another unfinished project!) conversion of apicture from a Warhammer 40000 advert."

Doug Roberts.

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