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Benidorm is a little known game which was due for release on both the Spectrum and C64 back in 1984 from a software company called Little Softie.
The game was advertised in the likes of Personal Computer Gamer, and we think that the game was only available through mail order.

Sadly nothing of the game has ever surfaced, and we believed as a result that the game never got a release. Only World Of Spectrum had one remains of a Little Softie title, which was Microweight – a non-game which allowed people to calculate their weight. No C64 version seems to exist of this.

Just what this game was about, we are not sure. It is likely that this game was a graphic adventure set at the holiday resort (In the same vein as the Melbourne House game set on an island). We need to do a lot more research, and most likely with regards to the company. Did the company go bust before the game was released, or maybe it just didn’t sell?

Well, contributor Sean spotted a small snippet in Commodore User magazine which suggests that the author of Benidorm was trying to sue the creators of Terrormolinos by Melbourne House, which he believed ripped off his game. The author was listed as Ray Kearney and the article also states about the game being released a few years earlier to Terrormolinos, suggesting it was actually completed and sold. Even the writer mentioned that the game was far more sophisticated in comparison to Terrormolinos.

We learn that the game came in 3 flavours, one where you control Lord Lucan, the game was a very similar text adventure concept to Terrormolios of course, it was written in The Quill and had no graphics.

So where is this game now, and can it be saved? … Check out the magazine snippet for now for the full details!

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Sean O'neill

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    • Superb spot Sean! … Gives a credit and also confirms the game’s release. Updated the entry, added the scan and added a credit! Cheers!

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