Betsy WWII Ace


Status: No Download, Findability: 4/5

A World War II based game this time in the form of the interestingly named “Betsy WWII Flying Ace”. This was the product of programmer Marc Walters, who describes the game as follows:

“This game was only about 20% complete, featuring a flying cow (propeller attached to her, flying over the Channel Islands shooting German planes and ground installations.

A key strategic point was that she fuelled up by eating grass.I think there is a scrolling demo and not much else of this.

The project was abandoned due to time constraints.”

Information is a bit scarce, and this is all we know at present.

Marc informed GTW that he still has code for most of his projects, so hopefully we’ll be seeing some of these in action.

For Betsy, we may not get to see too much… but it will be intriguing to see something of the game sometime soon.

More research needed…

Contributions: Marc Walters

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