Simon Butler

Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

Also known as: Bandersnatch

bndrsntch scr 5

We all know the famous tale about the Imagine Mega Games that never were, and these would go on to inspire Charlie Brooker with his brilliant Bandersnatch episode as part of his Black Mirror series.

Within the episode, we could see various glimpses of this new mythical game, which would inspire developers to try and make their own real versions on real hardware. Simon Butler (not to be confused with the ex-Ocean Software artist) would do just that in 2019.

Not only would Simon aim to make up the game which was shown on the TV show, but also try and complete it too. NOTE: Simon decided to call his implementation “Bndrsntch”, possibly not to incur any wrath from Netflix or similar.

Unfortunately, there has been no updates since 2019, so we are unsure if the project has now been abandoned. So for now, we add an entry into the GTW archives with a precautionary copy of Simon’s webpage as PDF and the Github source archive. There is also a compiled version which was cracked by Triad in 2019 that we’ve also added here.

Hopefully we can get confirmation soon if the project is still going or if it has been abandoned. For now, check out Simon’s amazing work!

Contributions: JazzGhostrider

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