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Bounch is a very simple maze game where you must guide a ball to the end, which constantly moves when you get started.

It’s sort of like a flat version of Codemaster’s Tilt game and its playable enough, but clear this is at the very early stages with little in the way of presentation.

A few levels exist, and then that is it – so either the programmer got bored or went onto pastures new. We hope to find out soon, with a coder name which we can try and get in touch with some day. Did anything more exist of it?

Martin got in touch and confirmed that he wrote the game when he was just 14, and probably got spread via disk swapping at the time via snail mail. The game was inspired by The Bubble Tale by Crest and was just done for fun overall.

Martin suggests he may well finish it some day! Case closed!

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23/11/16 – Developer confirms work on the game and inspirations.

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  1. Wow, I made this. It’s been a few years, so I don’t know how far I got with it, and I’m a little surprised it even made it out of my own disc collection, but I was actively swapping demos and such – by snail mail – at the time, so a preview must have been included on some spread disc I made. I was 14 back in 1992 and this game was inspired by The Bubble Tale by Crest from 1990.

    • Thanks for getting in touch Martin, and great to hear from you. Good to see that your work has been preserved and learn about the game. I assume it was just done for fun and not intended to be sold or anything like that?

      • Hi, you’re right. It was made just for fun and I was the only one involved in this “project”. Who knows, it might just show up one day as a finished game.. :)

        I think this site is an awesome initiative. Keep up the good work!

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