Brain Death

CP Verlag

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Now, you may recognize our next entry, and that is because it is the original title that eventually evolved into Gravitrix that was released by RGCD and Psytronik:

This is the early 1993 incarnation that was being developed for CP Verlag, but was rejected due to them having too many puzzle games at the time (this was listed in the scroll text in the download – thanks to Professor Chaos for flagging this up).

Additionally, Professor Chaos has informed us that the preview here uses 7 demo songs from “Advanced Music Programmer”, a music editor which was published by CP Verlag on Magic Disk 64 12/91.

Also, when the game was cancelled, it was converted to DOS in 1994/1995 and named “Brainstorm Pro”. The levels in that game pretty much match what are in the preview here, though the DOS version has 50 more levels and 8 custom AdLib tunes.

It also features quite different presentation, and is overall a nice early glimpse at a title that thankfully would be eventually finished and surface years later. A game that wasn’t, but eventually was under a different guise – so case closed already!

Contributions: Professor Chaos

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30/08/23 – New details added thanks to Professor Chaos.

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  1. Wow… extra info:

    1. The game uses 7 demosongs from “Advanced Music Programmer”, a music editor published by CP Verlag on Magic Disk 64 12/91.

    2. On the GTW64 download, Triad wrote a scrolltext: Braindeath was indeed offered to CP Verlag, but rejected because there were too many puzzle games.

    3. The authors converted Braindeath to DOS in 1994/95 and named it “Brainstorm Pro”. I played the shareware and had my parents order the full version back in the ’90s. I just tried a few C64 levels and passwords; not many, but they amazingly match the DOS version! (Though the DOS version has 50 more levels and 8 custom AdLib tunes.)

    • Thanks very much Professor Chaos! Just updated the main write up with those details and a credit to yourself. Very interesting to learn that there was a DOS version not long afterwards!

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