Bruce Lee 2 – Enter The Dragon


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Bruce Lee was a classic title on the C64 and other 8-bit systems, with its simplistic gameplay and cuteness (!)

To follow on from the success, Datasoft were to create a sequel title called Bruce Lee – Enter The Dragon.

Sam Poole, the president of Datasoft, spoke to Zzap 64 in issue 13 about various releases from Datasoft. It was here which he mentioned about Bruce Lee 2 and had the following to say:

"With Alternate Reality being such a massive project, taking such a long time to develop, did this mean future games would be based on the AR system? ‘Obviously as we’re designing and
developing the series, we’ve learned a great deal about random character generation, and logic and statistics. As a result, we are now looking to use some of those same types of features in a
follow up program based on Bruce Lee, which has been a major seller in Europe.

Called Bruce Lee – Enter The Dragon, it will be a full role-playing adventure and have strong hi-res graphics and animation sequences but taking advantage of some of the techniques we’ve developed in AR. Combining the best of both’."

Here planned was a much more advanced Bruce Lee title, building on the success of Alternate Reality and its strong game engine. We have a rough indication about what the game was actually like, but sadly no screenshots or any more of the game were ever heard of. It certainly sounded exciting for Bruce Lee fans!

This time, the game is likely to have been coded by the same guy behind the Alternate Reality series. So a lead that we can chase up for the time being. However, after almost 20 years, its gonna be hard to find much of this title…

Will this lost Bruce title ever be found?…

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