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Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

Now, its not that the game is unplayable, but unfortunately I cannot read German, which this adventure game is written in.

CF Adventure however looks a promising adventure game, with some nice pictures to accompany the text. Similar style to Jon Well’s “Treasure Isle”.

I apologize for not being able to shed more light on the game’s story, hopefully someone out there can do that for me?

Well, according to Leszek Chmielewski, the game was done by a group of contributors to the “Computer Flohmarkt” (german) monthly magazine which was a magazine for private communication between users of almost all computer systems. It was supposed to feature characters based on some regular writers/contributors. And it was written for fun.

Unfortunately, it was around a time that the C64 was gradually fading away commercially, and people were leaving for other platforms. As a result, the magazine eventually disappeared and the game went with it.

The game remains incomplete at the moment, Tobias possibly has a more advanced version, which I cannot confirm until contacting him, which will hopefully be soon.

Nice looking text/graphic adventure…

Contributions: Leszek Chmielewski, TRB

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Update history

21/05/16 – Fixed a ton of bad spelling and removed the “Internet” reason for magazine going (see comments). This write up needs an overhaul at some point!

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  1. “Unfortunally the magazine became obsolete due to Internet as a primary communication platform, and that was that.”

    Well, I doubt that it can be blamed on the Internet. When “Computer Flohmarkt” was ceasing it was still in the very early dawn of Internet at private homes (if at all). It was just the time when Commodore and Atari were gone and people left outdated home computers behind for buying Personal Computers with MS-DOS and Windows. Sorry for being smart-arse.

    • That’s a fair comment TRB. The write up was one of my very early ones from the GTW beginnings, and i’m not sure why I would say something like that, so certainly I will fix that now! :)

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