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Sophistry is not to be confused with the other entry within GTW which was for Hewson and a Quix clone. CRL’s Sophistry game was to be a isometic 3D game in the style of Bobby Bearing, and recieved glowing reviews on the Spectrum …

The Games Machine mentioned that a C64 version was being started, but we never heard any more. We are guessing that the game was going to be a straight spectrum port, but the speed issues as with many conversions for this type of game was a bit crap and the game scrapped as a result.

Clem Chambers suggested that they may not have been able to find a developer who could port the game at a decent speed from the Spectrum. It’s clear that a C64 version was planned, but it could not be recalled if this was actually started or scrapped when a suitable developer could not be found.

Maybe you know something?

Contributions: Clem Chambers

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Creator speaks

Clem Chambers attempts to recall about a C64 conversion of Sophistry:

“Great game, but I think we never found a dev who could port it, there was always a C64 shortage of devs.

The machine was not nice for dev like the Spectrum… 6502 was trickier than the Z80 and the C64 had convoluted architecture and was relatively slow.”

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