The Battle Of Chickamauga

Game Designer's Workshop

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Also known as: Chickamauga

The Battle Of Chickamauga was going to be a stragetic war game, of which there are many on the C64. Its scheduled release was for 1987, by Games Designers’ Workshop (GDW), an American company who already had a fine pedigree in board games and RPGs by the 1980s, having formed in 1973.

The game was based around the Battle of Chickamauga during the American Civil War. You controlled either the Confederate or Union army of over 50,000 men plus artillery. The only references to the game for the Commodore 64 is from a full-page advert by GDW that primarily promoted their other planned game and Games That Weren’t 64 entry, Rommel – Battles for Torbruk and a similar full-page advert also promoting the one released game by GDW, Road to Moscow.

The game was however released on the Atari platform, more details can be read below,_5_1/4%22_Disk%29_Game_Designers%27_Workshop_-_1985_USA,_Canada_Release

Nothing else is known about the C64 conversion though – and surprising considering that the Atari version did well on its release. Was the C64 version ever even started?

More digging required for this entry, and we hope to track down some of the original developers at some point in the future.

Contributions: Peter Weighill (Scan supply), Rola (Platform, title fix and other inaccuracies)

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