GTW64 xmas update 2013

It is that time of the year again, and another bumper update which has been building up. The big difference this year was the lack of a backlog, so all the materials here have been the result of further digging and disk preservations. We hope you enjoy it all, and there will be more in 2014 for sure! Merry Christmas!

3 previously unseen full games recovered

Thanks to Cory Kin and the loan of his work disks, we have found a number of full games which are previously unseen

Flok, Jet Combat, Master Blast

CDU Games Disk 6 recovered (Including 3 unseen games)

Thanks to Richard Smedley, CDU Games Disk 6 has been fully recovered and preserved – preserving 3 more previously unseen full games: Outbreak, Mirror Image and Mystery Man

CDU Games Disks

12 previously unseen previews recovered

Mostly thanks to Cory Kin’s work disk loan, a large amount of previously lost game previews (a lot of Cory’s own work) have been salvaged and preserved:

IndeflataBall, Erik, Earth Mover, Assault Force, Make My Day, Navadon, Pet Rescue, Questor 3, Unknown cute game, Unknown game, Unknown platformer, Unknown shooter

Spore 2 found?

It’s been in the digital archives for a while, but has remains of Spore 2 been under our noses all this time? Or at least an earlier build. Take a look at Cybowormz and then compare to Mutant Zone.


Odd Melbourne House title surfaces in loading screen form

A loading screen by Lizard has been recovered showing a game called Questerious – we find that it was a Melbourne House title. Was it a precursor for Thone of Fire?


Tangent and RISK prototypes found and added

Two early editions of two Edge games have been recovered and added to two separate prototype post entries here:

R.I.S.K prototypes, Tangent prototype

31 other new entries added

Altarius, Arc Angel, Atlaxmax, B-Ball, Bad Game, Ballfever, Ballisation, Cheeky Twins III, City Invaders, Danger! High Voltage, Death Blow, Dionysus III, Doomed World, Game Got No Name, Horror Drive, Hyper Galactic Warrior, Impulse, International Karate V1, Knight “‘n’ Grail 2, Omega Ceti, Rampage V1, Repton, Rim Raiders, Sir Lancelot, Space Ace, Starswarm, Temple of Medom, Trazers, Uridibad, Xiphoid, Jet Pac (Unofficial)

Also 10 additional updates added

Some more additions and tweaks. Check out the updates link for each to see what has changed. Nexus V1 has been added, but a Beyond Software labelled edition.

Basket Master V1, Deep Star, Escape, Firebird, Imperium, Lost Robot 2, Mindsmear, Movie Monster, The, Nexus V1, Star of Africa

Frank Gasking work disk collection added

A digitisation project which has been in progress for several years on and off now. The webmaster of GTW64 has compiled together all their work disks, tapes and gone through the lot – compiling together anything unfinished, incomplete pictures, games, demos into individual folders. More details on the page here with download links:

Frank Gasking work disks

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