CJ In Space


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

CJ is probably one of the biggest games to come out of Codemasters apart from Dizzy. Originally created by the hugely talented Genesis team, the game spawned a sequel and then promise of this 3rd game in the series.

After travelling Europe, and then the USA… CJ now has to go up to Space and do battle through various levels.

Possibly the game would have featured the same kind of gameplay which was attributed to the past two games. Though it could also be possible that there were different elements added. It is basically currently unknown.

What is strange is that the game only got mentioned in the Early Warning Scanner in Commodore Format, and nowhere else. And what is even stranger is that the 4TH game in the series DID make it in some form. Although never released, CJ’S 4TH (Which is believed to be a working title) sneaked out and even got a name change to Jimbo and released in Europe.

So did the 3rd game actually get completed?…. It seems that it is very possible that it did, and so we try and find out where exactly this game is. Firstly, who actually developed the game? Genesis at that time were moving on to other things, and had a lot of work at Thalamus to contend with… so possibly it were the guys behind DJ Puff and Stuntman Seymour, Reflective Designs.

In that case, we’d better get chasing up and get some new information quick!

More to come soon hopefully…

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