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Many moons ago in the pages of Commodore Scene, their news pages stated about a conversion of Civilization being on the cards for the C64 by Megastyle. As often with many of the PC based conversions mentioned at the time, it was dismissed as being vapourware.

For years we never knew how much of this one was ever started, if started at all – but in 2012, Ruben Spaans came forward and confirmed that the game conversion was real…

"This project was way too ambitious, I guess. I did a lot of thinking (about data structures, some high-level code design), but in the end I only made this tiny map demo. Scroll using the arrow keys. There are grey areas where I planned to have a menu and a sidebar with stats (same screen layout as the PC version)."

Ruben very kindly passed on the remains of his conversion, which as mentioned is just a scrolling map – but confirms that there was to be a conversion, just unfortunately was found to be a bit too ambitious in the end.

This was all that ever existed of the conversion, and unfortunately it will never be completed!

Case closed!

Contributions: Jazzcat, Ruben Spaans

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  1. Saw a video yesterday of a Civilization-like game/demo and when I tried to find it again today I found this entry. So, this game here might not have been developed, but there’s hope …

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