Combo Racer


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A very short entry for a potential conversion of a popular Amiga game by Microstyle.

USER magazine back in October 1990 had listed the C64 version as being one of the available formats, so was this true at all?

We’ve heard rumors that USER magazine wasn’t a reputable source of information, so its very likely that this conversion is vapourware. Sean Connolly’s tune was not an official tune either, but just a conversion done for fun.

Can anyone confirm?

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    • Thanks Nemo! It does seem very likely that nothing was ever started on a C64 conversion, as there has been no creditable source that it did exist. It seems even Mary has confirmed this really by suggesting there should have been a C64 version :)

  1. Mary Luise Heard which worked at Imagitec and was one of the graphic artist for the Combo Racer (Amiga /Atari )
    did give an interview to

    When she was asked

    “Were there any particular games that you would have liked to work on or converted from arcade?
    There are loads of games ……..
    If I was to have converted a game for the C64, it would have been Pole Position. I still love racing games and it has always bugged me that Combo Racer didn’t do as well as it should. Umm, maybe I could resurrect it and other C64 titles for the iPhone and the Android platforms. Now, there’s a challenge! ”
    Although she is asked about “wish to have converted games” and does refer to Combo Racer she does not say/imply something solid about a cancelled C64 port .

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