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Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

After Turrican 2 and before Turrican 3 by Protovision and Smash Designs, another Turrican clone was being formed with a different main character.

"Scorpion" was hoping to take off from where Turrican 2 left off and continue the craze of the first two games. Though not officially by Manfred Trenz, or official in anyway, it was a nice thing to see when the preview first turned up.

The graphics are mainly just ripped straight from Turrican, with a different head and different map. It’s likely that Manfred’s map editor has been used to knock up a different map.

There isn’t much new at all here that differs from the other Turrican games. The preview lacks a display for score and other bits, and all the weapons are missing. The actual game’s engine is pretty much intact though. The map is fairly large, though incompletable.

Thanks to Milo Mundt, a second preview has been pointed out which we have added. This version is not much different to the one we already have, apart from the inclusion of new title screens and a end sequence (maybe a little too early).

It has been discovered that this game was being written for Cherry Software, begun in 1995 and cancelled around 1997 time. I am guessing that the depleting scene is a reason for the game being cancelled. Although looking like a very strong Turrican clone, there was nothing particularly evident that suggested it was anything special at present. It is possible that the programmers have a lot more to this game, but more research is needed. Can anyone help?

A lot more information needed for this game before anything can really be done about finding a later version.

A nice Turrican 2 clone, with little new to offer…

Contributions: Milo Mundt

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  1. This preview seems to accomplish 8-directional parallax scrolling (compared to just 2-directional in Hawkeye and Flimbo’s Quest) by having 8 copies of the level charset in memory. Impressive, but very limiting.

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