Cops And Robbers


Status: Preview, Findability: 4/5

Not the same game which CRL were to release in the same year, but this was a game to be developed by Lynsoft it seems back in the day.

The disk label came with "Cops n Robbers" on it, and we believe this was a working title. Load up "CP" from the download, and you will see the very early mockup for the game (The disk also comes with the source files used to compile the mockup). Gamebase recently added a version showing the game as it should look.

It just seems at this stage to be a test for a isometric engine, possibly in preparation for the Bubbler licence? This is a much fuller screen though and looking to a more "Head over Heels" type of game.

Just what was it to be? What was the game to be about and what would its real name have been?

All questions we don’t yet have any answers to, though hope to ask Matt Young very soon, who we believe wrote the code.

Early days, do you know more about this one?…

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