Cops Fight Back


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In the dying days of the C64 (sounds familiar to some of titles I guess), a swarm of SEUCK titles were planned to try and combat the lack of software on the C64 in the dying days.

Most of the SEUCK efforts were from Psytronik, who were updating a range of Alf Yngve titles which were passable indeed as commercial efforts. Psytronik released some fantastic games, but sadly many did not get a release, including the awesome Project Argus which we released in recent times.

Cops Fight Back was yet another title, and a 4th installment in the fantastic Cops series. I loved the first game, not so much the other 2, but still it was great to play. I certainly was disapointed that this one never quite made it. The game had a slightly different approach where you would shoot upwards from the bottom of the screen in Space Invader style and have to shoot a certain amount of enemies to get to the next part.

Most of Alf’s games which were mentioned were indeed completed beforehand, and mainly just needed updating. Due to the lack of support with the later flow of games in the C64’s life, many games were cancelled and eventually Psytronik ceased to be.

Well, in 2013 – Psytronik released the Ultimate Cops compilation which had all of the Cops games and a brand new Cops 4 – The Final Chapter game, replacing this game as the fourth title. However, Cops Fight Back was included as a bonus file in the pack and if you purchase the game from here, you can grab it for yourself!

Case closed after many years! :-)

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