Status: Full Game, Findability: 5/5

This old game from the 80’s was the result of a creation by Kevin Franklin who also did Zybex for Zeppelin in 1988. This is a multi-sideways scrolling shoot em up, which features a ship which flips a lot like the one from Uridium. Graphically the game is ok, though not up to the standard of Zybex.

It was believed that this game was basically an unfinished game, which was bugged and had a few glitches, but it has been found thanks to Andreas that the game was complete and that the game in fact did get a release.

The game did get a UK release as it recently surfaced on a compilation in a UK auction. See the scans from Space Vegetable Corps to see confirmation.

We attach the version also which was on the compilation, which has little differences apart from a different background on the title screen. So we can confirm this was released and therefore not a GTW!…

Case closed! …

Contributions: Mat Allen, Andreas Wirooks, Compounded, Dan Warren

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Update history

01/01/14 – Fixed review to say it is a completed game thanks to contributor comment.

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