Status: Full Game, Findability: 5/5

A very big thanks to Mauricio Muñoz Lucero for highlighting this one for us. Dartz is a game which has been highlighted thanks to the author of Warhawk digging out his unreleased software whilst he develops the new Warhawk game on the DS.

Dartz was meant to be the Darts part of Pub Games by Alligata Software, but Michael really hated doing the game and after a week decided to leave it. It was never sent into Alligata and instead they sorted out another Darts sub game from someone else.

The game did however surface on Commodore Disk User’s covermount.

Michael will probably agree that the one that did make release was a lot better, but understandably this was not up to the standard of Warflame because of the pain it caused Michael during development.

We hope to hear a bit more from Michael about the development in the future, but here it is … Certainly worth a look out of curiosity!…

More soon on this game we hope…

Contributions: Mauricio Muñoz Lucero, Michael Ware

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