Dark Sceptre


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The source of this next entry is interesting as it was mentioned in “Illegal” pirate fanzine as something seen at PC 1988 show (or so it seems) by SSD of Cosmos.

Dark Sceptre was a game by Mike Singleton which was like Heavy on the Magick in many ways with very large characters that filled the screen and was an awesome graphic adventure game on the ZX Spectrum.

It was very late apparently due to Mike being pulled to work on Star Trek. We are not sure if anyone was earmarked at this stage to do the C64 version.

As you can tell the graphics are HUGE, and the game blew everyone away when it was released. It seems no C64 version was mentioned in the press, but the above link means we have a new entry in the database to try and track down now.

Richard Hewison however was on the Firebird stand at the PC 1988 show and does not recall the game being shown at all for the C64. Infact it was old hat by the time of the show. Additionally, Richard provided his own C64 as one of the display machines as they didn’t have enough at the office!

Anyway, so far it sounds like this could well be a bit of vapourware…

Do you know any more about this conversion? Or is it vapourware?

Contributions: Richard Hewison

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