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D-Day was advertised in various magazines, and was released on the Spectrum, but also had a Commodore 64 advertised to be coming soon. This was never to be, and the game remains unreleased.

The game involved battling through 4 separate scenarios, either taking control of Allied or German soldiers, in one or two player war game action. The game was quoted to be more of a “Tactical challange” than a boring arcade game. The game was set during the Normandy landings of 1944. Players take German and Allied sides through a 63 unit scrolling map.

Just how far the C64 conversion got is unknown. The advert was all that ever existed really of the C64 conversion, just the mention. The only real mention of the C64 version was when it was spotted at the “LET 1985” event, mentioned in Home Computing Weekly, 26th Feb 1985. Did the guys from HCW see something of a C64 conversion, or just the Spectrum game?

Without credits to give or anything, it will be hard to find this game… It would be by pure chance if we find anything of the conversion, or any more news. Unless someone knows the people behind the games division of Games Workshop?

Nothing really seems to have happened here…

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