Double Dragon V1

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You may or may not be surprised to learn that Double Dragon on the C64 could have been very different – or at least a lot better than it was!

We don’t know that for sure though – but we do know that the game was originally being developed by another team at Binary Design, but the developers had gone AWOL for reasons as yet unknown.

It left Virgin Mastertronic with no game to market, having already paid for all the marketing.   With a very good reputation, Virgin went to Ash and Dave to see if they could help them salvage the conversion.  After making them an offer they couldn’t refuse, they were snapped up to do a conversion.

However, Ash and Dave were only given a crazy 6 week deadline to complete the entire game – but the publisher told them that they just needed something to put in a box and sell.  Regardless of that statement, Ash and Dave did their utmost best  given the time-frame – but unfortunately it showed and the conversion was universally panned.  Knowing this was likely going to happen, they did not add their credits to the game – as it could well have affected future work contracts at the time.  Can you blame them?

But what of the game that was originally in development?  How far did it get?  Why was it abandoned?  All questions that we do not yet have the answers to.


Do you know anything about this original conversion?


Contributions: Ashley Routledge

6 Responses to Double Dragon V1

  1. Ross Sillifant says:

    I’ve been in contact with Nick Speaksman myself over past few weeks, i put a few questions to him regarding Binary Design and the Atari formats, never thought to ask about the C64 era 🙁

    • fgasking says:

      No worries Ross. I’ll be keen to find out who the original developers were. The artist wasn’t Ashley Routledge either – they were supplied the graphics from Binary Design.

  2. Akkroid says:

    This is the source I was thinking of from my first post, though I am quite sure Retro Gamer did a couple of articles on DD in the past. In any case, this makes for a fascinating read for DD devotees

  3. Akkroid says:

    I found this interview that talks a little about the Amiga port of DD and there is some other interesting tidbits in there as well

  4. Akkroid says:

    Yeah, I knew about that for quite a while, at least in regards to the Amiga version…don’t remember where I read it first…I think I recall the sprites were being taken directly from the arcade roms…wish I could remember the source, could of been Retro Gamer possibly

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